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What is Chocolate for the Soul?pink-chocolate-heart-favicon

It’s a place to visit for refreshing ideas that help you use every minute of your day to its best end and take full advantage of your precious time so you can truly LIVE the GOOD LIFE

How will we do this?

green circle with brown trim1. First Sign up your Monthly Bite… Inspiration Dipped in Chocolate.

2. Then to make the most out of each day or achieve ANY goal, go to Need Help? where my partners and I offer affordable, high-impact courses that will give you the blueprint and the confidence you’ll need.

We also offer group and one-on-one coaching  when you’re ready to go that extra mile.

3. Also, if you have children or grand-babies and want to see them unplug from their electronic devices…


Click on Puppet Scripts  tab to download original scripts (Some FREE!) for children of all ages  so they can make their own fun like we used to when we were kids!

We provide the scripts. The kiddies make the simple puppets (tips included) and put on a show. With titles like: The Mice of Downton Abbey,  The Real Chameleon Housewives of New York, Chocolatopia and Marshmallow Wars, they’ll be entertained for hours.

My Story


Swimming in our pool

Originally a New Yorker (the Upstate version), I grew up in a large family and loved hanging out with my siblings, especially during those long, cold winters when we would all be stuck inside, driving my poor mother crazy while my dad was at work. Seizing the opportunity to assist them in more ways than even they wanted earned me the nickname of Mother 2. (I’m the one on the far left.)

As your Coach I can help you start out the next chapter of your life with a plan and pizzazz.

And there is plenty of fun for the kids just in case they’re looking for something to do while you are working on your stuff.

Former teacher and current coach, author, speaker and radio co-hostI live in Baton Rouge, LA with my very Southern husband, Steven.

There is more inside each one of us than we know. You might just need a little help chiseling around the chocolate to reveal the masterpiece (a bunny perhaps?) within!

How can I help you get more out of your life?pete and me

Email me with your questions at


Me & Pete Nelson of ‘Treehouse Master’ fame! So cool!


Karen J.

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