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Chocolate for the Soul


Tired of watching everyone else get ahead while you’re still struggling?

Or maybe you’re frustrated because you’re not able to stick to your weight-loss plan?

How are these two related?

In both cases a boost in your confidence will get you to the next step.  That’s where I come in…

My dream clients are women over 50 who would love to build an on-line business, learn a new skill, stick with a weight loss plan or make any other major growth plan.

How will we do this?

1. First sign up for some FREE tips in my Weekly Bite… Inspiration Dipped in Chocolate. That’s my ‘Chocolate for the Soul’ – little nuggets that help you make the most out of your day.


2. Then go to Live Smarter  where my partners, Carrie, Roxanna and I offer in-depth, life-changing courses that will help you do anything from lose weight to build your own dream business.

3. Additionally, we offer group coaching and one-on-one to a select few who want to go that extra mile.

As a Bonus… If you have children/grandbabies and would love to see them disengaged from their electronic devices (and still having fun), send them to my Puppet Scripts For Kids  downloadable scripts (Some FREE!) with titles like: The Mice of Downton Abbey,  The Real Chameleon Housewives of New York, Chocolatopia and Marshmallow Wars.

They’re in my Chocolate Workshop. The kids will stay busy so we can get cracking on what you came here for…

My Story


Swimming in our pool

Originally a New Yorker (the Upstate version), I grew up in a large family and loved hanging out with my siblings, especially during those long, cold winters when we would all be stuck inside, driving my poor mother crazy  while my dad was at work. Seizing the opportunity to assist them in more ways than even they wanted earned me the nickname of Mother 2.

As a Coach with the Love Your Life team I love helping people who are ready to start out the next chapter of their life with pizzazz! But only those people. If you aren’t willing to jump in my pool (see it over there?) then we won’t get along very well.

Former school teacher, administrator & fitness guru and current Love Your Life! Elite Coach, puppet script author and  radio co-hostI live in Baton Rouge, LA with my very Southern husband, Steven.

But, enough about me.

There is more inside each one of us than we know. You just might need a little help chiseling around the chocolate to reveal the masterpiece (a bunny perhaps?) within!

How can I help you get more out of your life?pete and me

Email me with your questions, comments or compliments at Karen@loveyourlife2.com


Me & Pete Nelson of ‘Treehouse Master’ fame! So cool!


Karen J.

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