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Your Guide to Living the Good Life

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Welcome to Chocolate for the Soul!

Your guide to LIVING the GOOD LIFE free from mind clutter, anxiety and the feeling that something’s missing.

It’s where you get to begin again without regrets.


By bringing back the ‘Art of Thought,’ – thinking for yourself and delving into some good, old-fashioned authors and thinkers. To get started check out my latest project ‘Thinkology.’

It’s like a deliciously creamy hot fudge sundae  but without the calories!

Did you know that thinkers are HAPPY people?

How so?

Because they control their own thoughts.

Think about it!

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And, if you enjoy literature (novels, biographies, essays, poetry, plays, detective fiction) with a British flair, check out the latest goings on with one of my favorite authors, G.K. Chesterton.

Or listen to some FREE audio on my radio program Beautiful Minds.

Need COACHING to get your life in better shape and create more time to read and think? Check out my ‘Pared Down’ Coaching here.

And, if you or your loved ones live in the Greater Baton Rouge area and would love some good, old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation with me, check out Coffee Talk.

There’s even some fun stuff for the kiddies – the kind that won’t leave chocolate goo all over your off-white sofa and will have them happily unplugging from their electronic devices and using their little brains…

Puppet Scripts For Kids  are my downloadable, original scripts written for children ages 4-12 (& anyone young at heart). They start at only $2.99 – New ones appear regularly in Etsy.

My Story


Swimming in our pool

Originally a New Yorker (the Upstate version), I grew up in a large, Irish-Italian, Catholic family and loved hanging out with my brothers & sisters, especially during those long, cold winters when we were stuck inside driving our mother crazy while Dad was at work. (Truth be told, there were many times when she had no alternative but to lock us in our unfinished basement, aka cellar.) Seizing the opportunity to assist my siblings in more ways than even they wanted earned me the nickname of Mother 2. (That’s me on the far left.)

Author, speaker, teacher, coach, radio contributor, and lover of all things literary, I live in Baton Rouge, LA with my very Southern husband.


Karen J.

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