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Helping YOU Live the Good Life


What is Chocolate for the Soul?pink-chocolate-heart-favicon

Your guide to LIVING the GOOD LIFE of deep, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, free from mind clutter, anxiety and the feeling that something’s missing.

It’s like eating the creamiest, most delectable (Belgian!) chocolate minus the calories!

You see… you DON’T necessarily have to DO MORE than you’re already doing.

You just might want to do things DIFFERENTLY and GET BETTER RESULTS.

(I also call this the ‘Zen Free Zone’ because I don’t use New Age-y stuff. See more in ‘Need Help’)

WHAT can I actually do for YOU?

We’ll look at what you’re already doing, trim back the unnecessary and incorporate what works.

WHY do I want to help YOU?

People who have clarity, certainty and a desire for deep, personal development not only help themselves, but are likely to help others – those in your circle of influence. It has a domino effect.

HOW will we work together to help YOU live the good life?


1. FIRST get your inspirational Monthly Bite – it won’t clutter your Inbox.

2. THEN to achieve a particular goal, go to Need Help? where Carrie, Roxanna & I offer affordable, high-impact courses that give you a blueprint for a plan and a confidence boost.

3. Take this FREE inventory then Sign up for one-on-one coaching when you’re ready to charge ahead on your own personal development plan. To give it a whirl, I’ll give you a FREE, 30-minute introductory session. See if coaching is for you.  225.312.5824 or

If you’d like to have one of us to speak at your next event, topics are listed under ‘I’ll Speak at Your Event’.

AND, there are even GOODIES for the KIDDIES – the kind that won’t leave chocolate stains all over your off-white sofa and will help them personally develop.

See your children or grand-babies look up & unplug from their devices with Puppet Scripts For Kids – downloadable, original scripts for children ages 4-12 (and anyone young at heart!).

My Story


Swimming in our pool

Originally a New Yorker (the Upstate version), I grew up in a large, Irish-Italian, Catholic family and loved hanging out with my siblings, especially during those long, cold winters when we would all be stuck inside, driving my poor mother crazy while our dad was at work. (Truth be told, there were many times when she had no alternative but to lock us in our unfinished basement.) Seizing the opportunity to assist my ‘sibs’ in more ways than even they wanted earned me the nickname of Mother 2. (That’s me on the far left.)

Former elementary, middle school teacher and college administrator and current coach, author, speaker, radio co-host and entrepreneur, I live in Baton Rouge, LA with my very Southern husband, Steven.

There is more inside each one of us than we know. You might just need a little help chiseling around the chocolate to reveal the masterpiece (a bunny perhaps?) within!

How can I help you live the GOOD life?

Email me with your questions at: 


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