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Begin Again


One thing I like about the beginning of the “School Year” is that it’s kind of another chance at those New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a ‘Start Over’ or a ReSet! time before the calendar year is entirely up. This is one reason I am personally against a year-round school approach to education.

I don’t know about you, but I always appreciated that down time to do a  little mental inventory, examine my priorities, re-group and perhaps change direction. As a former teacher I always appreciated the couple of months off to catch my breath, so to speak. The couple of times when I alternated between teaching and administration and forwent the summer vacation, I burned out much more quickly. You may have more stamina, but I really needed that break.

So if you are coming back from a little R&R time spent with the family, at the camp, the beach, or wherever you were able to get away to, give yourself permission to put a blank page before you and think about those things you might like to try in this season of your life. Think about making this new ‘School Year’ more satisfying.

Personally, I had to take some busying activities off of my schedule so that I could concentrate on the things that were going forward and yielding results. What’s it going to be for you? Drop me a note at In the words of a very wise saint, ‘Begin Again!’