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Don’t Step on a Grape-nut and Other Items to Cross Off Your ‘To-do List’

Have you ever stepped on a Grapenut (the cereal)? You know the extra kernels that fall out of the box when you carefully measure your morning feast, ensuring that you are pouring the correct serving size?

They may be tasty little nuggets, especially with the addition of milk and fresh blueberries floating about like mini life-preservers, but DO NOT, under any circumstances, get one anywhere near the underside of your foot.

In addition to avoiding unnecessary pain, I thought it would be fun to talk about some things that you can take off your busy ‘To-do’ list and free you up for more necessary items. So here we go… do grab a pencil or pen…

1. DO NOT read and respond to every email in your In-box. Be selective. Read only the stuff that you have to read for your job and important matters and (here’s a fun word…) IGNORE the rest. That’s all you have to do. If you ignore them they will eventually disappear! Poof!

2. DO NOT be the one who has to have the last word or response to every TEXT you receive. Just send the letter ‘K’ for okay, and be done with it. Let the other person get the last word.

3. DO NOT fret and re-live the fact that you just ate a donut. Get over it! You ate it. It was creamy and delicious, and you enjoyed it. Instead of beating yourself up, use that energy to take a walk or read a fairy tale to your child or grandchild. The important question you need to ask yourself is… Was it Crispy Creme or Dunkin? Just kidding. There is no point in crying over a donut that was un-spilled, as it lovingly found a home in your tummy. So, as we say up north, feggitaboutit (that’s one word)!

4. DO NOT get upset with yourself for not getting all of your daily goals done. Try looking at your schedule in terms of a whole week. How did you do overall this week? Give yourself some leeway, especially since every day brings with it new challenges and surprises of all kinds.

5. DO NOT feel like you have to be friends with everybody you like. A friendship takes time and energy to build and is something to be treasured because it is so special. You can be a better friend when you don’t have to carve yourself into so many pieces.  If you look at friendship like a slice of your favorite cake, wouldn’t you want more than a morsel?

A few years ago I took a financial management class and throughout the semester the professor revealed just about every financial mistake he had made over the years. At the end of the course I respectfully announced, “So in essence, Professor, if we avoid making all the mistakes you made, we should make out pretty well financially.” After a few seconds, he replied, “Well, I never thought of it that way, but yes.”

That was the most useful class I ever took. Too bad he had to learn the hard way.

But you don’t have to!! So enjoy spending more time doing the things you need to do and not doing all that extra stuff!



2 Replies

  1. Sage advice Karen- Ty!
    I am enjoying your blog! 🙂

    1. Karen Hornsby

      Thanks, Dawn! At least you be a bit safer in your kitchen!