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Enough is Enough

autumnAre you thin enough, smart enough, rich enough?

When is enough, enough? Never.

Most of us love the autumn because we are back into a routine, the weather is nice and cool, the colors outside are festive and cheerful, and we might even enjoy some fall activities. One of the things I enjoyed as a child were the ‘Grange Suppers’ that would be served down the road at the Farmer’s Grange Hall. It was walking distance from our home in Upstate NY, and it was one place my parents could take us (a family of 8) all out for dinner without breaking the bank. These sweet little ladies would serve us family-styled roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and apple and pumpkin pies for dessert. It would usually be a perfect fall day with the giant maple trees in all of their glorious spender up against a clear blue sky all huddled around the white clapboard building, itself a blast from the past. What a sight!

Nothing compared to that feeling of eating good home-cooked food with friends and family on a perfect fall day. No one was worried about their waistline, their bank account or their feats of accomplishment. There we were just neighbors sharing a meal on a beautiful fall day. It was enough of a memory that just thinking about it makes me smile.

So, for today stop worrying about all that other stuff. Let’s be thankful for all the gifts that God has given us. You don’t have to believe in Him, but I can’t do anything but believe. There is just too much beauty around for me to ignore Him. Have a beautiful day, and take a look outside while it is still autumn. It won’t last forever!



photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons