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Lucy, you’ve got some splainin’ to do…

A couple of weeks ago my husband was working out of town and he asked me to measure the height of the columns we were remodeling on our front porch. So I got one of his measuring tapes (he has a collection), and  while he was on the phone, he told me what to measure, and I did. After I told him the height he said, “I thought it was taller than that; what happened?”

I said, “This is how high it is. It is what it is. How hard can this be?”

“Are you sure that’s the correct height?” He sounded perplexed.

“Oh, I’m sure honey. I can read a tape measure, you know.”

So he ordered the columns based on my measuring acumen. When he returned home and had the pleasure of installing said columns, I was in the kitchen merrily cleaning up the lunch dishes. Then he popped his head in and said, “Honey, can you come out here for a minute?” That’s usually not a good sign.

“Yes, dear…”

“How high did you say those columns were when I called you and asked you to measure; was it 109 or 113?”

Grasping by now the gravity of my answer I gave a quick glance at the columns noticing the height differential between the white styrofoam and the wood beams and said, “113? I’m pretty sure I said 113 (the correct answer).”

“I think you said 109 because that’s what I ordered. I knew it didn’t sound right.”

“But, I am almost positive I said 113. I mean it was a couple of weeks ago, so it’s hard to remember,” was my poor excuse.

As you can tell by the photo, I was off by several inches. How did that happen? I tried to think of something fast.

“Honey, I might have used the wrong tape measure,”    and….. “Well, I don’t know if I had my reading glasses on,”   and…. “Are you sure that I said 109 instead of 113? I could have sworn I said 113.” I was grasping for anything at this point.

Which brings me to my point. What kind of  excuses are you coming up with for not getting to that goal in the back of your head?

* Is your tape measure off?  Do you have the right tools? Have you identified some of the things you might need to get started? Perhaps it’s an on-line course you have been meaning to take, or a computer you have been meaning to purchase so that you have something to work from.

* What about those reading glasses? Are you able to see clearly those things which are most important to you, work on those things that matter most to you and your family? Have you identified them, written them down somewhere?

* Is it  109 or 113? Are you being honest with yourself? “I haven’t worked on such and such a goal because I __________ (am too busy, don’t know how to do it, don’t know where or how to begin, … etc.).” Have you identified those things that hold you back? For most of us it has to do with fear; some of us fear failure, some fear success, some fear change and what it might require of us.

Somehow my inventive husband will find a way to fill in the gap that I left for him. I figured out afterwards that I measured from the wrong part of the bottom of the column, which explained the 4 missing inches.

What gaps are you trying to bridge between your dreams and getting started? They might not be as big as you think! Let me know if I can be of any assistance at As long as it’s not measuring columns, I should be able to help you tackle it!