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“Pick 3, Pick 3!”

In the first Shrek film, one of my favorite scenes is where Lord Farquad is given the choice to pick from three princesses to become his bride. His cerebrally-challenged henchmen encourage him to choose the one (behind ‘door number 3’) who will require the greatest obstacles to be overcome. He concurs and chooses the most difficult path.

Sometimes what appears to be the most challenging path can often bring us greater joy than the easier path in life, and it doesn’t necessarily always turn out to be the most challenging but perhaps the ‘one less traveled by’ as the poet Robert Frost so aptly put it in his iconic poem, The Road Not Taken.

Today I would like to leave you with 3 thoughts to mull over:

1. Mind over matter – purposely fill your mind with something good today. Check out my Beautiful Minds show ( for some interesting authors past and present.

2. My cottage in the woods – We are happiest when we are around the people and places we love.  Spend some time this week with someone you love and/or in one of those places. It might even be at home!

3. You are the Gardener – be the tender, the steward of your own garden – let in the people and ideas you want to be part of you and keep the detrimental out!

Pick 3! Pick 3! And have a beautiful weekend! (The broccoli is from my vegetable garden – I just picked it!)

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