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Starting Somewhere

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with having so much to do with so little time?   I sure do!

I have a multitude of interests and commitments, and I also am very much interested in spending time with people, particularly these days when face time seems to be becoming a thing of the past. We spend a great deal of time going from here to there, running errands, picking up dropping off, etc. I also don’t like to put people off because I am too busy to say “hello” or listen for a few moments. So, how do I get all the things on my ‘to do’ list done and still make time for people who come my way? Is it possible to change this pace or have a sense of control over it? I think so.

When this overwhelming sensation starts to take over, I do what my coach told me. He simply said, “You gotta start somewhere!”  So, I start somewhere. What helps me is making a quick weekly list instead of (and sometimes in addition to) a daily list. If I put all the major biggies (things that NEED to be done by Friday) on the list and try to do as many of them as early in the week as possible (before that end-of-the-week momentum thing happens). Then I usually find that just about all the important things get done, and, as a reward, I have time for the unexpected event or person who comes my way.  Some things on my ‘to do’ list should get done but don’t have to get done on Monday if a friend needs to talk or a neighbor needs a visit or my husband need me to run an unexpected errand. Once I look at my list and get the ball rolling by ‘starting somewhere’  it all seems to work out, and, by Friday, all the important things get done and some of the not-so-important things can wait till next week. After all, in the end, making time for each other is what really matters.

How about you? What kind of system do you use to keep yourself from that anxious feeling of never doing enough or never cleaning out your In-box? Let me know at karen@karenjhornsby.com.