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When Jethro Fell Off the Back of a Duck…

On my walk a few days ago, I noticed a baby duck swimming about and making sweet chirping noises like you would hear from another type of bird. It was definitely not a quacking sound. He seemed to be looking for his mama.

He looked kind of scraggly and rather porcupine-y for a duck. I decided to name him ‘Jethro’ and voiced a quick prayer to St. Francis, lover of all creatures, to see if he couldn’t perhaps lend the little guy a hand or a breeze in the right direction.

About 50 yards later I saw a mother duck with five little ducklings safely ensconced on her lower back. They looked like a snug bunch, each duckling occupying his portion of Mama’s back. All their little baby feathers were neatly combed, and they looked quite pleased.

This cozy party was heading in the opposite direction of little Jethro. So, I surmised that either Jethro got curious and wandered off into the ‘wilderness’ of the lake, or Mama pushed the runt out of the brood. Judging by his tousled appearance I had that awful feeling that he was banished.

Do you ever feel like Jethro? Out there in the wilderness of ideas, technology, crazy schedules or just needing some direction?

Like Jethro we can spend our energy looking for our mama duck, that comforting feeling of belonging to a herd, a tribe, in contact with the mother ship.

But what happens when we have to go it alone and figure stuff out for ourselves? Well, if we take small steps, some tiny ones every day to reach our goals, then even if we can’t locate Mama, we can still make some progress.

Maybe Mama duck won’t care about what happens to Jethro. But Jethro cares. And if he is prudent and avoids the occasional snapping turtle, who may see him as lunch, he may join up with another family of ducks or find a little girl duck and eventually start his own family.

A few days after spotting Jethro, I saw another baby duck out on his own. Perhaps he and Jethro can join forces.

So, to all the Jethro’s out there, keep plugging ahead, and, if you can’t find the right tribe, start one of your own.

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