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Why We Like Movies

Do you like to watch movies as much as I do?

The reason they are so much fun for me to watch is that the women in movies never seem to have to do the mundane. Rarely do they have to scrape onion juice from dinner dishes, ‘assist’ with school projects, fold laundry, or drag in groceries from the car, which itself smells like a giant juice box. Rarely does the main female character worry about what to make for dinner or need to decide when would be a ‘good time’ to glop that awful gook on her head to hide ‘the grays’.

And our heroine never wastes time looking for her reading glasses.

Then, our leading lady gets to go on adventures chasing bad guys all over the city, while her makeup stays fresh and streak free, with hair in defiance of humidity and clothing fit to perfection and flattering no matter what awkward position her crime fighting skills require.

While she is out saving the planet from Captain Evil, she seems to be oblivious as to who is putting the kids to bed or paying the stack of bills that continue to grow like mold on the inside of a yogurt container.

You rarely ever hear our female character mention her ‘To-do’ list or where she’ll find the time to plan little Amber’s upcoming birthday party or get to the gym to spend an hour on the elliptical machine.

If our actress’s character has a job outside the home, there is always plenty of time for the adventure at hand because she won’t have tedious paper work to hand in or be required to sit through endless meetings or conference calls.

Our leading lady’s character gets to do what even she can’t do once she steps off camera. Her character has the advantage of being in a storybook. And we dream of jumping into a similar storybook complete with the luxury of an adventure that is free from everyday concerns.

So, what if we decided to write our own script and take out some of the un-necessaries? What would your story look like?

Does little Amber’s birthday party need to bigger and better than last year’s?

Would we ask our spouse and/or our kids to help around the house with day-to-day activities? Or does our perfectionism say, “I’ll do it, because you, little Timmy, will botch it up.”

Do we stop to think about who is asking for our time and if it really is in the best interest of our family to have another activity that takes us away from home?

What would happen if you let go, just a little?

Who knows?

Maybe it will free up some time for that super heroine inside that wants to create something beautiful or start her own blog.

Happy Dreaming!