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A letter to friends being lied to about the Virus

Dear friend,

I love you. Which is why you deserve to have all the facts about this. Coronaviruses have been with us for centuries. But this particular version has been weaponized in various ways for reasons I will mention at the end of this post. I am truly very sorry about the loss of your friend. Perhaps she had additional health issues or maybe was put on a ventilator, which was the wrong protocol for this strain of virus. (My friend here in LA has a doctor friend who had C19, and they were going to put her on a vent and she said “No Way! Put me on my stomach.” She was fine in two days).

The World Health Organization and CDC leadership all know (and hid from us) the therapies that actually work – Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc & Z-pack have cured close to 100% of the patients given it within days of symptoms. (Additionally, the best way to prevent any illness is to build up our immune system with vitamin B,C,D, plenty of sunshine, and regular exercise.) Additionally Regeneron, another therapy, and one used by our president, worked within days of being taken.

The masks do nothing but put a muzzle on people and take away their God-given dignity of showing their face, their person in public. Additionally, the masks cause terrible acne in teens, and reduce the oxygen intake of any wearer, not to mention them breathing in their own bacteria all day long, which can cause other lung issues. The only people who should be wearing masks are the usual ones: surgeons, dentists, firemen and anyone working with dangerous gases or heat (welders, etc.). If other people choose to wear one that’s their deal, but it should certainly not be a mandate by any company or government official.

Also, the PCR tests were developed after two German scientists wrote a non-peer reviewed paper on the virus, to which the only access they had was an illustration they found on the internet. The PCR is an ineffective test, with more than a 90% chance of false positives, so many people who were told they had this absolutely did not. Additionally, many of the deaths attributed to C19, were not. Dr. Birx herself even said that on national TV – that they were counting people who died with covid but not from covid – so you could have had a heart attack, but if they false tested you with covid that would be listed as the cause of death.

The people in charge of these big formerly respected organizations (WHO, CDC) needed it to look like a pandemic so they could shut down the economy globally. Frankly, the global central banking ponzi scheme was failing, and the banksters had to blame it on something other than themselves. Also, the United States was in the way of their now revealed ‘Global Financial Reset’ – go listen to any speech given at the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab et al), so we (the US) had to be stopped – meaning our election had to be interfered with on a grand scale since they knew Biden couldn’t win it any other way. The virus gave them a reason to promote mail-in ballots, which make it tremendously easy to rig an election.  Also, Trump and other patriots know the ‘Global Reset’ is a global digital currency completely controlled by the people at the top – in other words, we the people on the ground would lose all of our sovereignty if we went along with it. The good news is they are being found out, they will lose, and I think we’re all going to have a very Merry Christmas. God bless!