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As Fall Leaves

Now that autumn is in full swing, or in many regions of the U.S. coming to a close, I’m reminded that this is the time of year where, in the Church, we ponder our own end.

Where will I go after death?

It’s surprising how rarely this topic comes up in conversation. And yet, eternity is so vast and this life so short that you would think it would be the only topic worth discussing at all.

It’s astounding to me that so many people seem not to care one bit that they are hurtling towards Hell. Not a care in the world! I can’t help but think about it because it’s a place I never want to see.

How can we go about changing this phenomenon? I mean it’s all over Scripture that the road to perdition is wide and many take it, while the road to salvation is narrow and only a few find it. “Seek the narrow path,” Our Blessed Lord warns us. It is a climb towards heaven or a slide into Hell.

I guess sliding is a lot easier.