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{Box of Chocolates} Send Me Your Funny Stories

box-of-chocolates-book-projectHave a funny story you’d love to share?

It could be something that happened to you or someone you know…

Like your forgetful Aunt Linda who left the groceries behind in the parking lot


Grandpa Joe’s creative plumbing techniques where efficiency was secondary to expediency (which PVC pieces happened to be available in the trunk of his car at the moment) ,


something your 2-year-old just did or said (“Does God wear shoes?”).

I’d love to read YOUR STORIES and will publish the ones that make me LAUGH OUT LOUD in my upcoming book:

Life is Like A Box of Chocolates: You never know where you’re going to bit into a nut!

Deadline to enter stories is Jan. 31, 2016. Any word count will do.

Just keep it appropriate for everyone (all age groups) to read.

See your name in print!

Email me at karen@karenjhornsby.com or place your stories in the comment box below.

I can’t wait to read them!