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Need Help?

Looking for someone to help you Pare Down…

– Your weight?

– Your spending?

– Your clutter?

– Your overloaded schedule?

I may be just the person you’re looking for.

Here’s why...

I help people who feel overwhelmed get back into the driver’s seat of their life.

You’ll actually look forward to getting out of bed Every day.

How do we do this together?

We’ll talk on the phone for about an hour each time. I’ll ask you questions, and, in your answers, we’ll discover the solution that’s perfect for YOU.

How so?

I’ll ask the right questions.

You’re answers lead us to the follow-up questions, and then, together, we’ll design a path that works with your temperament, your lifestyle and on your time.

How did I get good at asking questions?

Being a teacher gave me ample opportunity to ask my students lots of questions. Then in 2013, I became a Life Coach and, with two other coaches, specialized in weight loss.

In 2015 I wanted to focus on paring down my own life since it felt like it was going in too many directions.

So… one of my personal ‘Pare Downs’ was to go at it alone and focus on helping generous and over-committed people like you Pare Down.

My method is Simple. Pared Down.

It’s like when you’re getting your house re-organized… First you move stuff out. Then you put back just what you need and nothing more.

pared-down-logoWhat you and I will do is take a common-sense approach to where things are now in your life and how we can make them better.

It’s pretty simple. And it works!

How much ($$) is this going to cost?

I’m very affordable. It’s $300 for eight 50-minute sessions (over the phone). I call you at our appointed time, and we’ll talk. Then I’ll email you feedback about our conversation and some things for you to work on for our next meeting.

That’s it. Simple. Pared Down.

If you’re looking for a new start, shoot me an email at

I’ll email you back, and we’ll go from there.

Talk to you soon!

Karen J.

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