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Crossing the Bridge

I walked over a very pretty and sturdy bridge today. It was lovely to see the water beneath and the water fowl in their usual spots among the rushes. But what struck me about the bridge was the bridgey-ness of it, the strong steel girders and the heavy concrete floor, which made my traversing it effortless. I have walked over that very bridge probably a hundred times (literally!), but for some reason today I actually thought about it.

I actually thought about the fact that someone built that bridge so that I (and many others) could cross the divide that lay beneath. It got me thinking about all the people in my life who have been like many little bridges to me: parents, and siblings, teachers and coaches, friends and colleagues, and my spouse, to name a few. All these people and many more helped me get from point A to point B, whether it was learning how to tie my shoes, ride a bike, drive a manual shift (that was scary!!), or make a great tasting pasta sauce. It has taken a town-full of people to cross over the many bridges in my life.

What about you? Who are some of the bridges in your life? Do you ever think about these people and how they helped you get to where you are today? Maybe say a little prayer for one of them, or give them a call, or better yet, send a wee note in the mail. Maybe you’ve been a bridge for someone or lots of someones. Doesn’t it feel good to be that sturdy structure in their life?

Have a Beautiful day, and I hope you notice one bridge today. I hope it will make you smile!