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So Many Devotions, So Little Time!

Your guide to building a lasting, structured devotional life…

Devotions come in many types – I’ve categorized them into two:



Temporal (Objective – relating to time)

Situational (Subject to circumstance)



  1. Hourly – Angelus (6am,12pm,6am), Divine Mercy at 3pm

2. Daily – Morning Offering, Rosary, Daily Consecrations to Sacred & Immaculate Hearts

3. Certain days: Tuesdays (reparations of blasphemy) Holy Face of Jesus,

Fridays: Remembering Our Lord’s Passion,

Mysteries of the Rosary depending on day,

1st 5 Fridays – Sacred Heart of Jesus

1st 9 Saturdays – Immaculate Heart of Mary

 4. Holy Hours in front of the Tabernacle and/or Our Blessed Lord exposed in Adoration

5. Seasonal – There are numerous seasonal prayers: Sacred Heart of Jesus (June), Our Lady of Perpetual Help (June) , St. Joseph (March), Holy Spirit (Pentecost), Souls in Purgatory (November), Christmas novenas (December), etc. (Find more at

6. Timed – Some you do for 1 year (St Bridget), some do for 3 years – Precious Blood of Jesus (2 Our Father’s, 2 Hail Mary’s, 2 Glory Be’s),


  1. Special request such as someone is sick or dying
  2. Saints who are special to you
  3. To show reverence after Mass – Thomas Aquinas prayer, St. Michael & 3 Hail Mary’s
  4. For special graces/gifts – St. Michael chaplet to acquire angels to accompany you through life – build your spiritual army!


  1. Dailies – Start with 3 (Divine Mercy, Rosary, Morning Offering) and try to do them every day.
  2. Hours – Set your phone alarm, if possible, for the time, i.e. 3pm.
  3. Days – Write them down in your day timer/calendar, just like you would an appointment.
  4. Seasonal – If possible, keep a copy of the special novena for that month in your day timer or save as a bookmark on your computer.
  5. Situational – Keep prayer cards with you at Mass or at your bedside so you remember to pray them.

This way they become a good habit…

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They’re like giving spiritual bouquets to God, the Blessed Mother, the Angels and Saints.

It’s a lovely way to say ‘thank you’ for all they do for us, to think about them if only for a few minutes.

Who doesn’t like to receive a ‘Thank you’ card?

To make up for our sins, imperfections, ways we offend God carelessly, through commission or omission, and also for those who have no one to pray for them, like the souls in purgatory, etc.