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Did Einstein Fudge his Theory of Relativity?

Did you know that E=mc2 (that 2 is for ‘squared’) has nothing to do with relativity?

How did scientists measure the earth’s motion, and what did they discover?

Does the speed of light change if it’s coming toward or going away from Earth?

For answers to these and other scintillating questions, give a listen to this fascinating interview of Dr. Wolfgang Smith: Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher and one of the most intelligent minds you will have the pleasure of meeting. His insights are so revealing about what is accepted as actual science and what is purely propaganda. This interview will knock your relative socks off, that is, if you happen to be wearing any. You may find yourself singing, “We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert…”

For more information on the work of Dr. Smith (triple major graduate of New York’s Cornell University at age 18) go to his website .

What else do we believe because we’ve been told, “Move along now, folks, …nothing to see here.”?

A mind can never be too careful of what he hears.