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Do you know what’s in your child’s A.R. (Accelerated Reader) books?

As a former elementary and middle school teacher I was responsible for encouraging my students to rack up the points in reading as many library books as possible. They earned these points by taking an on-line test on the book they’ve just read. But, what is in these books? 

With the obviously silly titles like Captain Underpants or Diary of A Wimpy Kid, it was easy for me to encourage my students to read something less juvenile, but what about books with innocuous titles or young adult fiction such as Blazed, a book that gives a blow-by-blow description of how to ignite and breath in Oxycontin 30? Seriously?

Don’t believe me?

Get this book Between the Covers: What’s Inside a Children’ Book? by Deborah DeGroff. ( A teacher may see up to 200 students in any given day, and there’s no way possible to know every book every student is reading, but parents, on the other hand can be pro-active. They need to pay more attention to what is going into the minds of their children.

Please listen to this interview. Please, parents out there, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

151: Just How Corrupt Are Kids’ Books?—Deborah DeGroff (Free Version)