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Forget Changing the World; Change A Diaper…

We all laughed back in the day when the candidates for Miss America or just about any other beauty pageant answered questions about what they would like to do if nominated for the crown. The canned response would be something like, “Bring about world peace.” Who could possibly be offended by that answer?

We all want to change the world, but there is a simpler yet more challenging way to do it. And, it has also been said before. But it bears repeating, as this really is the crux of the matter…

“Changing the world” sounds nice, but perhaps it plays a wee bit into our own sense of self importance. (Tweet that!)

Have you ever looked into a baby’s face and seen wonder and delight? That baby just changed you, and he probably didn’t say a discernible word. He doesn’t have to change himself (hence diapers) because he is the most innocent of all of God’s creatures.

Those who are looking can see what needs to be changed out there in ‘The World’. But the hardest thing to do is to look inside ourselves, our little worlds.  If I don’t change and people don’t see the change in me, then all the yelling and screaming or wishful thinking isn’t going to materialize into anything.

So, how do we change ourselves?

It really could be as simple as changing a baby’s diaper:

1. Do you smell anything?

Investigate it. Maybe it’s just gas or maybe not. What’s not quite right in your life right now?

2. What can you about it?

Do you have a clean diaper handy, or are you stuck in the car (after baby Timothy has a blowout) and the nearest solution is to stop at the next gas station and ask for a hose? Sometimes you just have to do what you can. It may not always be the perfect solution.

3. Ask yourself, “Do I learn from past mistakes, omissions, or my own stupidity?”

What’s your backup plan? We can’t plan for everything, but maybe next time you come across a similar situation you’ll have a little emergency kit in the car.

That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

The next time you get to change your baby or grand-baby’s diaper, look her in the eye and thank her for teaching you so many profound things about yourself!

Now go out there and change something…


Karen J.


2 Replies

  1. Joyce B

    Wonderful words of wisdom. Never quite put that much thought into diaper changing ’til now.

    1. Karen Hornsby

      It’s amazing how the little things in life can teach us so many lessons! Thanks for reading!