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Habits as Weeds…

You can learn a lot from weeding your garden. Today I want to address how habits are like weeds in the garden of the mind. Did you know that your mind has a life? It’s called the ‘Life of the Mind’, and it only yields what you do to cultivate it.

Let’s talk about how weeds get there: neglect and a life source.


 When we neglect some aspect of our life, it goes ‘to the dogs’ or to ‘rack and ruin’ if you like. It gets out of control. One thing it doesn’t do is stay put or become static. It devolves, degenerates or decomposes.

Antidote: Do something about it. Just start somewhere, even if it means you are only going to tackle one corner of the garden, one behavior, or one destructive stream of thinking. Weeds tend to be in shallow ground and can come up easily if we just use our hands and give a little tug.

What part of your life seems to be on auto-pilot but is, in truth, falling apart? What is one thing today, right now even, that you can do about it? Check back in a couple of days when I address the life source aspect of growing weeds. See you soon!




2 Replies

  1. Andree

    I finally dove into a big cleaning out of a room in my home, just yesterday. I had been waiting for inspiration & it finally came, where I was ready to clean out a pile that represented several generations. It feels sooooooo good now, to walk into the room and have a more positive feeling about my environment & what it represents. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tackle another today. ……….. Andree (:

    1. Karen Hornsby

      Well, that makes me feel good. I am happy that you found my latest post helpful! Thanks, Andree!