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How do you vacuum your floors?

Big Chunks and Little Crumbs…

I was reminded of a funny story that occurred when I was home from university one summer waiting tables with a friend in a resort town in Upstate, New York. We had worked a very long day and afterwards were expected to do our side-jobs, one of which was vacuuming the floors. She would take 20 minutes or so to my 5 minutes.

“Janine,” I said, “just pick up the big chunks – they hired us to be waitresses, not maids.” She laughed out loud then moved with a little more spring in her step.

Now, if you’re thinking I was encouraging laziness, let me assure you I was exceptionally hard-working in a business where the harder you worked the more you earned. Which made sense to me then but doesn’t seem to be the way so many jobs are today.

I realized when I reconnected with my friend this week that “Picking up the Big Chunks!” has pretty much been my life’s mantra.

So many motivational and business gurus tell you that the ‘devil is in the details,’ and while that may be true, it might also be what’s dragging you down.

As ‘successful people’ we might frenetically attend to the minutia while ignoring our children, a friend in need, or the life of our own soul.

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Karen J.