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Choose from the following for 2015:

LYL! The ‘Secret Game’ of Weight Loss – Learn what’s keeping you from wearing your favorite clothes. Get clear on your ‘WHY’, find what ENERGIZES you, and discover STRATEGIES to help you OVERCOME resistance. This is a ‘No guilt – No Excuses – No-Nonsense’ approach to losing weight.

LYL! Reboot – Looking forward to retiring from your 9-5 job? Want to make your friends wonder why you’ve always got a smile on your face? (And no, I don’t mean the permanent kind!) This is for you if you can’t wait to say ‘Sayonara!’ to the daily drudge and do something before the EMPTY NEST gets full of little grand-chicks and the job of ‘Permanent Baby-sitter’ is assigned.

Habits are Habit Forming – How creating productive, every-day habits can make all the difference between a frantic and a happy you.

Living in a Garden – Life secrets revealed through cultivating a garden. This talk contains lots of pretty photos!

Happiness Through Life Mastery – The surprising relationship between knowing yourself better and your inner joy!

Women are NOT Men – Whether starting a new project, business or leading a more productive life, we are motivated differently than men. Most motivational speakers focus on the way men feel and do things. Women do things differently, and we need our own blueprint, only not in blue, maybe something in a toile.

Secrets of Living the European Lifestyle (even if you’re stuck in St. Louis!) – One of my favorite talks on how living a little more like the Europeans can make you happier, thinner, healthier and more interesting to be around (Beer goggles, anyone?). You won’t be able to resist yourself after this little talk!

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Stay tuned for 2015 retreat dates. This is where we invite 10 women to come on a weekend retreat and relax (yeah right! ) while learning how to make a few changes that will last way past our little rendezvous – hot cocoa & marshmallows anyone?

Karen J.