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“In happier days, philosophers discussed the problem of man; now they discuss man as a problem.” Fulton J. Sheen

“Through his scepticism the modern man is thrown back upon himself; his energies flow towards their source and wash to the surface those psychic contents which are at all times there, but lie hidden in the silt as long as the stream flows smoothly in its course. How totally different did the world appear to Mediaeval man! For him, the earth was eternally fixed and at rest in the center of the universe, encircled by the course that solicitously bestowed its warmth. We were all children of God under the loving care of the Most High, who prepared them for eternal blessedness; and all knew exactly what they should do and how they should conduct themselves in order to rise from a corruptible world to an incorruptible and joyous existence. Such a life no longer seems real to us, even in our dreams. Natural science has long ago torn this lovely veil to shreds. That age lies as far behind as childhood, when one’s own father was unquestionably the handsomest and strongest man on earth.”

Carl G. Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, p. 235.