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Is Thinking an Action?

I get accused of being lazy because it appears to those who know me personally that I’m not always ‘doing something’ in the obvious, visible, physical sense. Truth be told, years ago, I had nearly every hour of my day mapped out in a detailed ‘To Do’ list, but then I started to listen to people much wiser than I.

My sister Joanie told me early on to ‘Look at the big picture’ – very important. She introduced me to my favorite author, G.K. Chesterton, a great thinker, who thought about everything. Which is why he had an opinion on anything and everything. Reading him made me take the time to think about the things that matter most, because they generally matter most to most of us. And it takes time to read good authors and to ponder what you’ve just read.

People tell me that I’m too opinionated, but that mainly comes from folks who don’t agree with my conclusions. I do have them because I’ve generally already thought about the topic or issue. Sometimes, when asked about something, I develop an outlook on the fly, but I’ve by and large already considered related topics.

So, I’ll get to the point. Thinking is essential. To make better decisions we need to have the best possible facts and views about the topic, whether it’s planning our personal finances, cultivating a home vegetable garden, or figuring out how to keep ourselves healthy. If it bothers people who know me personally that I don’t do enough tasks to make them happy, to them I say: Don’t worry about it. I happen to think there are plenty of people who do too little thinking and, consequently, make bad decisions, some of which affect their lives and their families negatively for decades.

Stay tuned for my up and coming ‘Chesterton Town Square’ project – it’s something I would like to share with anyone trying to have a more sane, thoughtful, non-hamster-wheel lifestyle and bring it to others.

Posted Feb. 26, 2021