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I’ve been monitoring the dashboard of the official Coronavirus Global Cases documented by Johns Hopkins since March 2, 2020, and I’m calling the B.S. flag on them. Check it out for yourself here.

For one thing, China’s numbers have barely gone up in nineteen days, but, in other countries, numbers of infected and casualties have gone up significantly.

On October 16, 2019 representatives from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and (pro-abortion) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had a conference called Event 21 to discuss what to do about a global pandemic from China. The big concern was ‘fake news’ getting out. Seriously? Listen for yourself here. And the conference was reported here in Bloomberg’s Business Section.

I am not convinced that the 200+ deaths thus far in the U.S. are 100% caused by this very bad cold. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t.

And as a Catholic, I refuse to treat everyone I see as if they’re lepers. Is that what Mother Teresa did when she picked up men and women dying in the gutters of a country where the religion practiced by most citizens ignores the sick and dying? Did she ask them if they were contagious?

Question: Isn’t it a coincidence that Johns Hopkins had a representative at this Event 21 conference only five months ago and they’re the ones with the official body count?

Question: What makes them the unbiased experts?

Question: Can we be assured that they are telling the truth?

Question: Who is benefiting from all the hysteria in America and around the world right now? The Globalists?

Question: Why are Catholics not permitted to assist at Holy Mass on Sundays? Even the Soviet Communists didn’t succeed this quickly and globally in silencing the Church.

One more thing. Pets can carry viruses. Are people keeping their pets six feet from everybody? Of course not!

Please, someone with clout – tell President Trump to check his sources and not fall for this absolute trash.

We’re pulling the yarn of the cultural fabric apart, and it may take a long time to knit it back together.