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Welcome to Kitchen Counter Culture where day by day we can ALL DO SOMETHING to elevate the culture.

The good news is that we’re starting at ground zero so there’s only one direction from here, and that is UP!

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Tasty-Kitchen-Blog-Kitchen-Talk-CoffeeProject Numero Uno (#1):

‘Wake up and DRINK the coffee!’ – A know-it-all’s guide to getting yourself (body & soul) into heaven while elevating the culture here on planet Earth. (aka ‘the sane person’s guide to living’)

Intro – Everything I know I learned from stalking my mother.

Chapter I – Become Catholic! It’s really that important!

Chapter II – Family Matters – How the traditional family can save western civilization – no abortion, contraception, etc.

Chapter III – Walk & Think – it will keep you happy & healthy!

Chapter IV – Eat, Drink and Be Merry! Try to grow your own food and certainly learn to cook for yourself!

Chapter V– Got Education? Me no think so.

College or high-priced nonsense – not to mention where are all the great careers we see on TV sitcoms?

A few places you could send your kids and lots you shouldn’t.

Chapter VI – History – Knowledge is power –

Why is western civilization (Ted Byfield) getting a bad rap?

A waste of time or a treasure trove? (Manning Center)- historical mindset – grasp of history

History vs. Ideology – what up with worshiping dead dictators (Mao 72 million dead, countless wounded)?

Chesterton – never take a fence down till you know why it was put there.

The big 3 – Crusades, Inquisition, Galileo – unprovoked attack of militant Christians by victim Muslims?

Muslims invaded Spain 8th century and 8 hundred years later Spanish to keep them out. Not aimed at    Jews, aimed at Muslims ever 200 (years?) under Muslim attack. Trying to stop Muslim problem – violent people say they will take the country over.

Galileo staying in a palatial palace, contending that no law should inhibit work of science – basis of his defense vs. fear of science (all research had been done by clergy) “no law ever inhibit work of science” – abortion, cloning, selling body parts (Planned Parenthood)

Good Guys and Bad Guys – whose side are you on? Heroes & Villains – St. Paul. Athanasius (vs. Arian heresy – he was the only bishop ) Athanasius contra mundum – against the world – soldiers coming up the Nile he goes opposite and he says, “You’re very near to him now.” who opposed this whom movement – it gave us the Nicene creed, Villains – bishops & clergy remain on payroll abandoned & undermine Christianity, chain of emperors suppressed faith first 1000 years, popes in 9th century. Pope can be a very bad actor. Conquistadors in Latin America (clergy/priests opposed them). Priests – wouldn’t it be more racist not to tell natives realities of heaven and hell? (Bridgehead video website)

Snews – Where do you get yours? Not all sources are created equal. How am I supposed to know more than the people who are reporting it on site? Good question! The media is the battleground. We have to get into the English media – know your history and use it to win the cultural war. Boomers are the common enemy

Chapter VIILiterature – The Good, the bad and the ugly

Chapter VIIIArts & Crafts – They’re not just for kids!

Let’s Define Art – good, true, beautiful

Why it’s good to know how to do stuff – grow food, fix things, build things

Chapter IX – Is your Home a Hotel?

Chapter X  – We’re on Life Support (mostly dead, which is partly alive) so Your contribution is Vital

Appendix – Build your army!