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Literary Circles

Connecting Lovers of Great Literature!

Do you know people (in Southeast Louisiana) who LOVE English literature and want to be in a book club that doesn’t dry up or dissolve?

Welcome to  Literary Circles!

They’re much, much more than a book club….

We read and discuss great literature in a group setting at your site. I bring interesting insights and keep the group moving along. Folks actually read the books and come away with a greater understanding of the author’s intentions.

So (you may be asking), why do I need your help? Can’t we just do this ourselves?

Sure thing! But I know from experience that in typical book clubs people can get off topic, monopolize the group or conversation or don’t complete the text at hand. Also, interest can wane, and more times than not, the group dissolves. What could have been a wonderful and meaningful activity simply falls apart.

How does it actually work?

It’s easy. I come out to your site once a week (select time and day from choices below) and lead your group in a set number (generally 8) of 2-hour sessions. Participants read along with me as we delve into each book. I bring my experience and insights into the conversation and encourage participants to discuss aspects of the books (authors like Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Evelyn Waugh, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc.).

What are my credentials?

I taught Language Arts for years, and I currently run (and in 2012 founded) a local literary society, the Chesterton Society of Baton Rouge. We have our own annual conference (1st Saturday of March at Chesterton Hall in Ponchatoula, LA) where we bring in experts from all over the world to speak on our favorite author. I also regularly contribute to a local (Baton Rouge 1380 AM, New Orleans 690 FM) morning radio program called Wake Up, Louisiana! where I speak on educational topics, books and movies. Additionally, I have my own Etsy shop where I sell my original puppet play scripts for children. My two advanced degrees are in Education (Curriculum & Instruction) and Business. On a personal note, my husband (a pilot and a native of Louisiana) and I moved from Florida to Baton Rouge in 2011.

2016 Times and Days (available on a first come first served basis)

Session 1 – Jan. 4 -Feb. 22 – Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray
Session 2 – Mar. 7 – Apr25 – Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited
Session 3 – May 2 – June 20 – To Be Announced
Session 4 – Aug. 22-Oct. 10 – To Be Announced
Session 5 – Oct. 24 – Dec. 12 – To Be Announced


     Mondays         9:30-11:30, 12:30-2:30, 3:30-5:30
     Tuesdays         9:30-11:30, 12:30-2:30, 3:30-5:30
     Wednesdays  12:30-2:30, 3:30-5:30
     Thursdays        9:30-11:30, 12:30-2:30


(Groups meeting on holidays will be given a make-up meeting day which may extend beyond the last week of the session.)

Cost: varies per session (does not include cost of books for participants).

Call me at 225.312.5824 for more details and to reserve your group’s session.

Let’s talk soon!

Karen J. Hornsby