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Living a Tactile Life in a Digital World

With everything around us becoming digitized, it seems that the end result for many of us is an increase in our own anxiety. I propose a simple solution from my own observations, as I am not in any way an expert in ANYTHING.

Do more things with your hands, eyes, feet and arms.


Draw – you don’t have to be an artist to do this!

Color – there are some really beautiful coloring books available for just a few dollars. Use markers, colored pencils, or even crayons.

Add – instead of rushing to a calculator, add numbers in your head or on paper.

Write in Cursive – if you’ve never learned, there is an excellent penmanship course put out by Memoria Press ( . I know because I purchased it, and it’s very well done.

Learn Calligraphy – you can buy a kit for about $20; some come with directions.

Bake – It makes the house smell delicious, and it’s a great way to get your friends to come visit.

Cook – stay home more and make something fun for dinner. Eating out uses no imagination and costs more.

Play an instrument – you don’t have to be Rachmaninoff – just learn a few simple tunes.

Play board games like scrabble or chess or teach yourself a new game and invite a friend or two over to play.

Write Stories! You don’t have to be Charles Dickens. I write stories for children (available here in Etsy) in a play format so they can act them out.

Put on puppet shows with your family – see my downloadable stories if you need some.

Knit or crochet – it can be something as simple as a scarf. Instructions on knitting and crocheting are available in craft stores for just a few dollars.


Look at beautiful works of art or architecture at a nearby church or museum.

Read actual books – so much easier on the eyes and better than having all that computer glow working on your brain. Plus you can write notes in the margin. Or doodle!


Walk – it’s so relaxing, and it’s great for praying or meditating on the universe, God and anything else.

Hike – which is obviously walking, but in the woods or on a nearby hill.

Visit – this may require some driving, but in any case, I bet you can think of a family member, friend or acquaintance who would love to have someone to spend time with them – there are a lot of lonely folks out there.

Ride a bike – this requires more than just feet, but you get the picture.


Swim – it’s great for your health and so refreshing!

Kayak – you can pick up a kayak for less than $200 (some places let you rent them), and it’s so easy to do and so lovely to glide over water – no motor, no sounds – just you and the birds, turtles and other water inhabitants.

Something tells me that you’ll be more relaxed just by changing a few things in your weekly routine. Enjoy!