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Lovin’ Literature: More is Better! Part 1

I’m thinking of doing a series on why literature is such a gift and how it can make you (and me) happier, healthier and all around fulfilled. All this with no additional calories or cost to our bottom line.

In this first installment I’d like to focus on the title: Lovin’ Literature: More is Better because, in this case, more is better. Too much of some of our favorite things are obviously not good for us (chocolate comes to mind, as opposed to say, brussels sprouts). They have a point of diminishing return, where with each additional piece the enjoyment actually decreases until we’re somehow at ground zero.

But, I ask you… how can you or I get too much of our favorite stories as told by our favorite authors? All at the touch of our fingertips? I know I can’t. Maybe we’re addicts?

As much as I love to marinate in the stories of my beloved authors, I personally still haven’t ‘progressed’ over to the Kindle or Nook, or whatever is next.

Maybe you are like me. I love the feel of the crisp white page, and the ability to ‘dog ear’ my pages (more like elephant ears), and then re-read the parts that really make my brain feel all tingly (I borrowed that line from a five-year-old neighborhood girl as she sat reading her delectable text).

I never tire of the characters I meet or the settings described on a page that refuses to buckle under the weight of a lonely cobbled street, bustling town, city or country. Rooting for the young lovers that they will be reunited for good or that the bad guy will get his due never gets old, even in a story I’ve already read.

So find a comfy chair or couch, turn on a table lamp and grab that novel you’ve been meaning to read but can’t seem to squeeze into your day. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be glad you did.


Karen J.

2 Replies

  1. Jim Keating

    Thank you, Karen for this post. I could not agree more!

    1. Karen Hornsby

      Thank you, Jimmy! So glad you agree. Stay tuned for more.Cheers! Karen