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Meet the Grandpas of the Woodstock De-Generation

I was standing in the ‘14 items or less’ line at my local grocery store today when the gentleman behind me began placing his items on the conveyor belt, one being a copy of a New York paper with an old crone on the cover headlining something or other about an impeachment. I inwardly laughed then went to grab one of those 15-inch plastic dividers to make room for his remaining items, but he beat me to the punch. He then told me that today he was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. I, of course, congratulated him. He added that he and his wife chose NOT to have children and were happy that they didn’t have to worry about someone dumping their grandkids off on them.

“That’s a first,” I thought to myself. Instead I replied, “I love grandkids and would love to have some!” He said nothing.

So here it is September 25th of 2019, placing his wedding day in 1969 – the tail end of the decade of sexual madness. Assuming he was in his early 20’s that year would place him squarely within the timeline of being the first born of the baby boomers, i.e., right after WWII – an era I identify as producing ‘the selfish generation.’

He and his wife most likely contracepted their children away since the pill had become available just nine years before their nuptials.

I thought about the children he and his wife didn’t have and the potential spouses those children could have been to other people born or unborn. Their unborn children might have been able to have families with people my age or younger. I wondered how many more children were not born as a result of their decision not to want children.

Unfortunately, what this septuagenarian most likely doesn’t understand is that none of us live in a vacuum. Each of our actions, whether we realize it or not, affects other people.

I’m going to say a prayer for him and his poor wife and the children they most likely killed through contraception. May God forgive them. They know not what they’ve done.