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Mind over Matter

So my last post was on weeds and how they have to be fed and left to their own devices to keep coming up and getting in our way. I noticed something else this weekend while out weeding. Some of the healthiest, most vibrant weeds were those which could disguise themselves as one of my flowering plants. Looking as closely as I could without the assistance of reading glasses, I found the insidious Virginia Creeper right alongside my bougainvillea. The deep green leaves of each plant helped one to embed within the other. Not any more!  I actually talk to my plants while trying to protect them and let them know that  they are expected to do their part. As painful as it might have been for both of us, I had to prune parts of the bougainvillea in order to get to where the Virginia Creeper was surreptitiously making its way in between the branches.

So, what does this have to do with creating good habits, especially those of the mind? Sometimes our thoughts distract us, get us off on a tangent, or redirect us away from feeding ourselves good food that will yield good results. For example, you start to work on a project and your mind wanders back to that conversation you had a with a family member and how she was wrong and you were right and how dare she say things like that. Playing that tape all over again just gets you away from what you really want to be doing and interrupts your peace of mind, not to mention it just gets you thinking negatively about someone who really may need love and understanding. Another example is when we sometimes confuse activity for productivity and think to ourselves, “As long as I am busy doing something, it is better than doing nothing”. But sometimes that activity is just wearing you out and has no other point.

Next time you are out weeding your garden either of flowers or of the mind, be on the lookout for those sinister ‘look-alikes’. What weeds are getting into your gardens?  Let’s talk about it. E-mail me at or just leave a comment below! As for me, I am going to keep talking to my plants as it seems to be yielding a lovely return on my investment.