Life. Pared Down.

For Folks with Everything Except Peace of Mind

Need Help?


UNSURE if you’re doing what you were meant to do?

FRUSTRATED because you’re not able to figure it out?


That’s where I come in…

My dream clients are people who want to pare down their life and get to the core of their purpose with a plan to become the best person they can be.

Is that something you want?

If so, let’s ‘Begin Again.’

After all, isn’t that what every morning is?

You might be VERY SUCCESSFUL, achieve all kinds of ACCOLADES, reach all kind of GOALS but are still left feeling like, “What else is there? What comes next? Another goal, another deadline?”

You ask yourself, “Why am I NOT FULFILLED?”

So, what can YOU do?      

One –
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Two – If you need help accomplishing goals while digging deeper, download our latest courses –  available JUNE 2015 at

Our flagship course,  Love Your Life: 10 Secrets to Getting What You Want in Life gets you off the couch of indecision with confidence. BOOK-cover-LYL-flagship

Say goodbye to self-doubt and criticism for good!





Also, back by popular demand is the  Secret Game of Weight Loss  a downloadable, self-paced, NINJA course that beats the daylights out of the head-games we all play! It gets to the nitty-gritty of why you keep gaining the weight back. Other programs can keep you on the diet ‘hamster wheel’. They’re ‘on again off again’, like the guy who only calls to see you when he’s in






THREE – Invite Carrie, Roxanna, or me to speak at your next get-together, group meeting, conference or really fun party. We love talking to you & listening to what you have to say (Karen in Louisiana, Carrie in Iowa, Roxanna in Texas).

FOUR –  EXPERIENCE Coaching. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever done. EVER. See what it’s like to get to the core of why you do stuff. Lots of stuff. And how it can all GET BETTER!!

Try this FREE INVENTORY then for your FREE introductory session contact me at: 225.312.5824 /

I might ask you questions like:

‘How have you grown this week?’

or  Who’s grateful for you?’

and… What’s in this sauce?’

When’s the last time someone asked you those questions, and then really listened to your answers? (They probably wrote down what you said was in the sauce because they really wanted some of that. But you held back that one tiny ingredient.)

By the way…

My coaching is NOT FOR YOU for you IF you’re looking for New Age/Eastern religious methods/modalities: Transcendental Meditation, Inner Light, Totems, Reiki, Chakras, Hypnosis, Higher Powers that are not of the Biblical God, ‘Shacks,’ a singular ‘Secret,’ Laws of Attraction, New Earths, Courses in Miracles, Magic, tapping into your subconscious, etc. 

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a coach who uses these in one form or another. 

I’m old school and WILL help you create long-lasting habits that will give you results. Persistence pays!

I’ll ask probing questions and take it from there.

You’ll become clear on the outcome you desire; then we’ll attack!

Package prices for 2015:

You can pay by check (mail to: 302 Amherst Ave. Baton Rouge, LA, 70808) until I get my Paypal buttons added. All coaching calls are recorded (you’ll receive these in your email inbox) so that you can listen to them as often as you like. Remember your first complimentary session is FREE!

1. The Sampler – One month – four 30-min calls – $200

2. The Gift Box – Three months – eight 30-minute calls – $370

3. The Deluxe – Six months – twelve 30-minute calls – $540

4. The Complete Package – 1 year – twenty 30-minute calls –$920 (3 openings remaining from this package, as of May 12, 2015)


If you’re ready  to become the best you can be,

Then you and I could work together

Why put your life ON HOLD when you can do something about it NOW?

See if one-on-one coaching is right for you.

photo copyLet’s talk!

Karen J.







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  1. Carrie Copley

    Hi Karen, I just reviewed your new website and I have to tell you that I love it! It focused and fun to read! Great job Karen!

    1. karekea12

      Thanks, Carrie!

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