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Daily Bite… Inspiration Dipped in Chocolate

   Here’s something I learned when waiting tables during those college years: Never waste a trip. Scan your environment to see what can easily be done on your way to or from somewhere. It may be as simple as taking things from upstairs to downstairs.

Daily Bite… Inspiration Dipped in Chocolate

Instead of asking, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” ask, “Who do I want to be now?”

Daily Bite… Inspiration Dipped in Chocolate

Clarity isn’t always that easy to find. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it. Be patient!

Forget Changing the World; Change A Diaper…

We all laughed back in the day when the candidates for Miss America or just about any other beauty pageant answered questions about what they would like to do if nominated for the crown. The canned response would be something like, “Bring about world peace.” Who could possibly be offended by that answer? We all […]

Why does Happiness elude us?

Happiness… It’ so important to us that America’s Founding Fathers included it in our  Declaration of Independence, “…that among our unalienable rights are LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS”. I was trying to sleep this morning, but at 4am that was no longer an option.  It was bugging me that I couldn’t figure this […]

It was like walking into a fairy tale…

Just doing errands – who would have thought it? I walked into his tiny shop expecting nothing more than to drop off a chair I had ‘rescued’ and was now having reupholstered with a caramel and salmon damask fabric remnant that I had found for $35. Dressed neatly in a buttoned-down shirt and dress slacks, […]

When Jethro Fell Off the Back of a Duck…

On my walk a few days ago, I noticed a baby duck swimming about and making sweet chirping noises like you would hear from another type of bird. It was definitely not a quacking sound. He seemed to be looking for his mama. He looked kind of scraggly and rather porcupine-y for a duck. I […]

Don’t Step on a Grape-nut and Other Items to Cross Off Your ‘To-do List’

Have you ever stepped on a Grapenut (the cereal)? You know the extra kernels that fall out of the box when you carefully measure your morning feast, ensuring that you are pouring the correct serving size? They may be tasty little nuggets, especially with the addition of milk and fresh blueberries floating about like mini […]

Why We Like Movies

Do you like to watch movies as much as I do? The reason they are so much fun for me to watch is that the women in movies never seem to have to do the mundane. Rarely do they have to scrape onion juice from dinner dishes, ‘assist’ with school projects, fold laundry, or drag […]

Life as a Collage

Have you ever made a collage just for the fun of it? I really like this  format because I am not particularly good at creating works of art, but with a collage I can add stunning photographs or detailed illustrations that more talented people have produced. There are a some really cool websites ( or […]