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Habits as Weeds, (cont’d)

The second part of this ‘Habits as Weeds’ idea is that habits, like weeds, have a life source, and sometimes a little goes a long way. Take, for instance, today. It rained heavily last night, and this morning the weeds in my garden were as perky as ever. I try to get out there at […]

Habits as Weeds…

You can learn a lot from weeding your garden. Today I want to address how habits are like weeds in the garden of the mind. Did you know that your mind has a life? It’s called the ‘Life of the Mind’, and it only yields what you do to cultivate it. Let’s talk about how […]

Begin Again

  One thing I like about the beginning of the “School Year” is that it’s kind of another chance at those New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a ‘Start Over’ or a ReSet! time before the calendar year is entirely up. This is one reason I am personally against a year-round school approach to education. I don’t […]

Starting Somewhere

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with having so much to do with so little time?   I sure do! I have a multitude of interests and commitments, and I also am very much interested in spending time with people, particularly these days when face time seems to be becoming a thing of the past. We […]

“Pick 3, Pick 3!”

In the first Shrek film, one of my favorite scenes is where Lord Farquad is given the choice to pick from three princesses to become his bride. His cerebrally-challenged henchmen encourage him to choose the one (behind ‘door number 3’) who will require the greatest obstacles to be overcome. He concurs and chooses the most […]

Lucy, you’ve got some splainin’ to do…

A couple of weeks ago my husband was working out of town and he asked me to measure the height of the columns we were remodeling on our front porch. So I got one of his measuring tapes (he has a collection), and  while he was on the phone, he told me what to measure, […]

Begin with ‘The End’

I watched an incredibly marginal movie this weekend. My husband and I haven’t had a TV for three months, which I think is marvelous. After ordering a pizza (it was date night!), we went to one of those big chain grocery stores and got what was left out of Red Box. I could see that […]

Rescue Me! The Sequel

I wanted to write this yesterday, but you’ll know why in a minute that I was a bit out of sorts then. At 6:37 am I was driving to the radio station to do my segment of the morning program. Midway through the intersection (one of the busiest in town) my vehicle was hit by […]

Rescue Me!

Have you ever been rescued from something or someone? I have. It was such a great feeling. I had been waiting tables in a resort town in Upstate New York, and one of my customers was so incredibly rude that I went and told my fiesty Italian boss, Freddie, proprietor of said establishment,  that I […]

Coming up for air

It’s getting to be that time of the year when most of us slow it down a little in our careers, jobs, schooling, etc. Since almost everyone’s doing it (never an excuse but in this case, it is appropriate) it’s a great time for some reflective inventory or introspection. So how are things going for […]