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When Missing a Golden Opportunity Becomes the Gold at the End of a Rainbow

Several years ago, I had a great opportunity for a job with a high-tech firm in Virginia.  At that time they had more confidence in me than I did, and I was extremely flattered and very tempted to take it. Ultimately I had to pick between that job and a lesser one four hours away […]

… And the I’s Have it!

I was thinking about the word Initiate today, because to initiate is to make something happen, get the ball rolling, to start something, whatever that thing is. Then I thought about another “I” word, Inertia, which is exactly that which stops us, that tendency to remain the same, unchanged as it were. Inertia is that […]

The Road Taken

It was a fine Saturday morning, so I decided to walk to my favorite coffee house about a mile from my home. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day, and this in February? The sky was a lovely shade of clear blue, the birds were chirping away, and even the red bud trees were […]

You Are Here

I was driving on a highway in Upstate New York one fall day with my mother, and I thought we had taken a wrong turn. We were on our way to Oneonta to see my youngest sister who was a student there. As such, we were supposed to be on I-88 and instead we were […]

Crossing the Bridge

I walked over a very pretty and sturdy bridge today. It was lovely to see the water beneath and the water fowl in their usual spots among the rushes. But what struck me about the bridge was the bridgey-ness of it, the strong steel girders and the heavy concrete floor, which made my traversing it […]

The Party is just getting started!

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Enough is Enough

Are you thin enough, smart enough, rich enough? When is enough, enough? Never. Most of us love the autumn because we are back into a routine, the weather is nice and cool, the colors outside are festive and cheerful, and we might even enjoy some fall activities. One of the things I enjoyed as a […]

Growing Out of Ourselves

In my last blog, I had to trim back my very healthy Bougainville because it was infested with the dreaded Virginia Creeper. One of the other things I noticed about it was that it was becoming so gnarly that it was turning into a wound up ball of prickly branches. It appeared to be turning […]

Mind over Matter

So my last post was on weeds and how they have to be fed and left to their own devices to keep coming up and getting in our way. I noticed something else this weekend while out weeding. Some of the healthiest, most vibrant weeds were those which could disguise themselves as one of my […]

Habits as Weeds, (cont’d)

The second part of this ‘Habits as Weeds’ idea is that habits, like weeds, have a life source, and sometimes a little goes a long way. Take, for instance, today. It rained heavily last night, and this morning the weeds in my garden were as perky as ever. I try to get out there at […]