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NYO (Not Your Oprah’s) Book Club – Feb. 2020

The Axe: Master of Hestviken: This is the first in a series of four 13th century Norwegian tales told by the brilliant Scandinavian, Sigrid Undset, author of the Nobel Literature Prize-winning Kristen Lavrensdatter trilogy. I’ve only read the first in the Master of Hestviken series, and it was a page-turner, as I became anxious about […]

Preparing for My Death

“Remember that thou art dust/ashes and to dust/ashes thou shall return.” God to Adam. (Genesis) These are the words God tells Adam, our first earthly father, and also the words the priest says when he rubs the ashes of last year’s palm branches on our foreheads on this first day of lent. No one gets […]

Creation IS the Truth

For years now I’ve been made to feel as though a fool because I’m stupid enough to believe that God Almighty hasn’t lied to us by passing down through Moses the real, true story of Creation. “It’s just a story with lots of symbolism,” and this I’m hearing from our very own Catholic priests. I’ve […]

Living a Tactile Life in a Digital World

With everything around us becoming digitized, it seems that the end result for many of us is an increase in our own anxiety. I propose a simple solution from my own observations, as I am not in any way an expert in ANYTHING. Do more things with your hands, eyes, feet and arms. Hands: Draw […]

What’s Going On?

A Guide for the Perplexed… Those wondering what’s going on in the Catholic Church and henceforth, the world. This is a brief guide to understand the anomalies we’re seeing in the world, and especially in the Church, ratcheting up since Vatican II. For as the Church goes, so goes the world. Share this with those […]

How You Can Read 500 Books in 10 years

Sound challenging? Maybe, but who doesn’t like a challenge, and it doesn’t have to be that hard. Not convinced? Time Management experts tell us that nothing will come of our efforts if we’re not measuring them in some tangible way. So here’s something you can do quite easily. Buy an inexpensive three-ring notebook, and keep […]

Theory of Everything/String Theory – R.I.P.

Not Your Oprah’s Book Club – Jan. 2020

How many people make New Year’s Resolutions at the end of January? It was a sure way for me to keep the promise to myself beyond the average 21 days, after which most of us give up. So, after a delightful conversation with one of my nieces, who is planning to read more books this […]

Today We Crowned Him With Thorns

Today in the Catholic Church in Novus Ordo parishes (post Vatican II) we celebrated the feast of Christ the King, This Sunday signifies the end of the liturgical calendar year. Advent, the season which anticipates Christmas then, is the start of a new liturgical year. Traditional Latin Mass parishes celebrate the Kingship of Christ on […]

5+ Very Efficacious Daily Prayers

Morning Offering – O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world. I offer them for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart: the salvation of souls, reparation for sin and the […]