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Buy My Puppet Scripts

Puppet Planet

Where I Get to Pull all the Strings

Buy My Puppet Scripts

Want your children to…

Recapture their childhood while they’re still young?

Get off their electronic gadgets and start playing again?

Giggle galore like we did when we were kids?

Join the puppet revolution!

They’ll be happily occupied for hours and you’ll be the coolest parent ever!

Why Puppet Scripts for Kids?

  1. They’re FUN!
  2. New Scripts appear regularly.
  3. You’ll win the ‘trendy parent’ award for thinking outside the box-top.

You simply print out the downloadable scripts (here) and your kids create the puppets and scenery – all without spending a bundle of cash!

How much are they?  They start at only $3.99!

How fast can I get them? You can download them INSTANTLY!

Who are the scripts for, and will MY children like them?

Kids (ages 5 and up) at home on summer/winter/spring break, in school or after-school programs, grand-babies, homeschoolers, summer campers, and for those really fun sleep-overs where absolutely no one in the house (except Fluffy) gets any sleep. And YES, your kids will love them because the characters are delightful, each with his or her own personality.

Click here to visit my Etsy shop, PuppetScriptsForKids

Characters and Scenery: FREE! Templates of characters are included with select scripts.

The scenery can be as simple as an original drawing by the little artists themselves.

Puppet Storage Tips: Keep puppets for each series in labeled food-storage bags so they don’t get all mixed up with each other.

As a teacher, my students LOVED doing these puppet plays, which brought out the confidence in the shyest of kids!

Sign up here for Puppet Script updates…

More reasons to get your very own scripts…

Puppet Play-acting encourages children to:


– Remember lines & enhance MEMORY

– Practice PUBLIC SPEAKING without even realizing it!

– Construct characters & settings based on their IMAGINATION

– Have FUN & COOPERATE with friends & siblings

SAVE YOU $$$  what you would pay for a coffee & biscotti!

STAY BUSY while doing something meaningful & memorable


– Relieve BOREDOM, especially when they can’t play outdoors!

Here’s what critics are saying about Farmer Bill’s Wacky Barnyard Antics

“Our audience is highly educated, but they enjoyed the show anyway!”   New Puppet Times

“A wise investment in good, clean, family fun! Bring Grandma!”                              – Puppet Street Journal

“Deliciously funny! Great performances by Chicken and Squirrel!”                          – Puppet Magazine

And here is what some of the performers had to say…

“I had a small part in the first play, but I work with a great bunch of animals, so anything I bring to the part is due to the camaraderie we all share…”                        – Chicken (played by Fred Chicken)

“I was just thrilled to be considered ‘one of the guys’, since I’m not really a farm animal.”   – Squirrel (played by ‘Just Sam’)

Be the reason your kids are having fun again.

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Join the SLOW TOY Movement!

Be the mom, aunt or friend with the BEST PRESENT ever!

And bring puppet shows to home theaters near you.

Do something!

And together we’ll hear children around the world exclaim…

Who needs gadgets? I want to put on Puppet Shows!