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Secrets of Living the European Lifestyle (Part 5)

Need Fewer Things…

Did you ever stop to think about how much time, effort and even money it takes to own and  keep a lot of stuff?

You first have to buy it, sometimes insure it, perhaps clean it or wipe the dust from it. Oh, and don’t forget that you might also have to secure your stuff so no one else takes it from you.

One solution (I mentioned already) is to NEED fewer things. I could have said ‘WANT’ fewer things, but for me sometimes it feels more like a need when I really want to have something. So pick the word you like best and see if you can try it for a week. Some suggestions might be…

Eat a smaller breakfast.

Don’t buy those new $150 pair of jeans.

Don’t get that super-sized watch everyone else is wearing just because they’re wearing it.

Walk instead of drive to the coffee shop (if possible).

Be happy with all the stuff you already have.

Most Europeans don’t live in the huge homes. Even in a large European home the closets (if they even have closets) are quite small. It’s hard to hang onto a lot of stuff when you don’t have somewhere to put it.

Just think of all the free time to think and enjoy your life that you’ll get in return for not having to worry about so much stuff.

Have a simply beautiful week!


Karen J.


2 Replies

  1. Joyce Ann

    What about shoes? Do they count?

    1. Karen Hornsby

      Have as many as you need!