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Secrets of Living the European Lifestyle (Part 6)

Seek Anonymity…

‘Seeking Anonymity’ can seem like an oxymoronic idea at first. Seeking to be hidden is so out of fashion in America today –  to wish ‘not to be famous.’ Unless you or I are not marketing ourselves enthusiastically each day, we will seek to exist in the frontal lobes of our adoring fans. And then we disappear into the vast masses of the unknown. Folks will stop liking and sharing our photos on Facebook, won’t forward our tweet-able one-liners, will steer clear of our Etsy shop, stop reading our blog, or even, heaven forbid, unsubscribe from our very exciting, timely and original newsletter. We will join the ranks of the forgotten.

I bet you feel the pressure, like I do, of letting one or even two days go by without checking in with e-mail. “Oh, no, if I don’t check it soon, there will be hundreds of (unread) emails to delete!” The pressure only increases as the number of days go by with it still left unchecked. What to do?

On the one hand, I can seem hypocritical because you are reading this short entry, which would suggest that I do not wish to be forgotten. But in a weird way, that isn’t the point at all. Go ahead and forget me, but try to hang onto the bits of wisdom I’ve gleaned by observing what happy people do.

Once we achieve fame we can never un-achieve it. You will forever be recognized by strangers, some who are kind and others who merely want  a piece of you.

Some ‘Rich & Famous’ types (they seem to go together) would love to have their anonymity back.  And they can’t get it back. EVER. Not for all the money in the world. I would say that that makes it pretty valuable, wouldn’t you?

So, go ahead and give yourself a vacation from always worrying about letting the world know you exist. You’ll have more time to take walks, linger over dinner, drink a beer with a friend and do all the other things we used to do before we became slaves of the ‘Age of Technology’.

Enjoy your anonymity while it lasts!


Karen J.