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Secrets of Living the European Lifestyle (Part 1)

I don’t know about you, but I live in the U.S. and because I had the opportunity to live in Europe a few years back, I really wanted to incorporate some of how they live into my everyday life.

So over the next few weeks I’ll share a few tips I came away with and still practice today.

Tip #1 – Walk just for the heck of it.

Some people tell me they like to race-walk around their neighborhoods or speed walk around a track for exercise, but did you ever think of just walking for the heck of it?

You know, walking just to snoop around your neighborhood and maybe discover a hidden road or a forgotten park. Or walk to see what nature has been up to or to notice the sounds of the birds or other creatures outside.

I used to walk for exercise, but now I walk to clear my head, decide what my day might need to look like, talk to God, contemplate the nature of things or just appreciate the beauty that I tend not to notice when things get too busy.

Sometimes I try to see how many things I can do near my home by walking to places instead of taking the car. Here is my list that continues to grow: grab a cappuccino, visit a nearby bookstore, take the mail to the mini post office, visit my church, go to the bicycle shop, grab a burger, visit a park, buy eggs and milk, visit a friend or neighbor, visit the nearby cemetery, observe the ducks and other waterfowl, etc.

How about you? What treasures might you find if you just took a walk for the heck of it?

Did you find this helpful?

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