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Seen the ‘new’ UN replacement? Canon212.com needs to post this.

“Interview With Sanhedrin Spokesman: Conference for Organization of 70 Nations Intended to Replace United Nations”


Isn’t that special?

So, on September 26, 2019 representatives from 70 nations (including the U.S., I presume) will meet in Israel to discuss the future organization of the world?

Am I missing something here, or is this something about which we should be, you know, somewhat concerned?

In a related article (posted by the same news source, Breaking Israel News), Christians are supposed to build (fund) the third Temple because the Roman pagans destroyed the second Temple, and they are apparently ancestors to ALL Christians (How exactly is that possible?).

Read it for yourself: http://archive.is/wnjcS#selection-707.0-707.129

“Rabbi Berger quoted Rabbi Bahya ben Asher ibn Halawa, a 13th-century Spanish Biblical commentator also known as “Rabbeinu Behaye.”The medieval scholar wrote that “the first and second Temples were built by the descendants of King David, but in the future, the Third Temple will be built by descendants of Edom.” Rabbi Berger emphasized that these sources state explicitly that the Third Temple will be built by the descendants of Rome, i.e. Christianity.””

The descendants of Edom, aka Esau, twin brother of Jacob, are also we Christians (with Donald Trump as our current leader}. How did they figure that one out?