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Creation IS the Truth

For years now I’ve been made to feel as though a fool because I’m stupid enough to believe that God Almighty hasn’t lied to us by passing down through Moses the real, true story of Creation. “It’s just a story with lots of symbolism,” and this I’m hearing from our very own Catholic priests. I’ve […]

“In happier days, philosophers discussed the problem of man; now they discuss man as a problem.” Fulton J. Sheen

“Through his scepticism the modern man is thrown back upon himself; his energies flow towards their source and wash to the surface those psychic contents which are at all times there, but lie hidden in the silt as long as the stream flows smoothly in its course. How totally different did the world appear to […]

Have You Ever Really Looked at a Dragonfly?

I mean really looked at one. It’s kind of hard to do while they’re in flight since they don’t tend to hang around any one space for more than a few seconds, if that. To really appreciate one it might help to look at some captured images, professional or otherwise. So, if you have a […]

Many of the greatest philosophers…

…from Plato to the present day, have made the connection between Beauty and Truth. God is the source of the Beautiful as he is the source of the True. It is therefore legitimate, and indeed necessary, to seek God in the beauty of His Creation, and in the beauty of the creative gifts that He […]