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The Interview That May Have (inadvertently) Contributed to the Assassination of Pope John Paul I

I just located this Firing Line episode with William F. Buckley, Jr. interviewing Fr. Malachi Martin on September 6, 1978 (episode S0339), which is during John Paul I’s thirty-three-day (August 26-Sept. 28) pontificate. Fr. Martin revealed what many inside the Vatican already knew to be true about the “September Pope” who was anti-Communist and would […]

The Final Solution

The Amazon Synod is just more proof (not that there’s not plenty out there) that Vatican II needs to be thrown into the ash heap of History. Enjoy this video below of a 1980 episode of (Catholic) William Buckley’s Firing Line, featuring the Englishman and Catholic defender, Michael Davies, and a milquetoast Catholic priest (the […]