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The Cure for Boredom

Do you find yourself scrolling through your smart device whenever you have a few FREE minutes or when you have nothing else to do? Do you turn on the tell-a-vision to a channel with programming when the day is through and you just want to veg?

Well, these may be signs of boredom, and I have the cure if you’re interested. This won’t even be painful – I promise. And, as a bonus, I think you’ll also be happier.

Contrary to popular belief, boredom isn’t a result of having nothing to do. It actually occurs in very busy people – the ones who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. It’s a ‘State of Mind’. You can be really busy and bored simultaneously.

Here are my tips. I know they work because it’s impossible for me to be bored no matter how hard I try. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a gift from God, but I am very grateful.

I call these my Pro-Verbs:

  1. Thank God every day for everything and everyone in your life. Think about Him. A lot. Talk to Him throughout the day.
  2. Read lots of books – lots and lots. Take a book when you’re out doing errands – you may need to stand in line or wait in a waiting room, and you’d be surprised how much you can fit in when you add up all the minutes.
  3. Walk daily or as much as possible. The increased blood circulation alone helps your brain come up with ideas. I do my best thinking when walking. It’s also a good opportunity to talk to God.
  4. Learn to play a musical instrument even if you’re terrible at it. The joy of playing music is as wonderful as listening to beautiful music, which is a good thing to do too.
  5. Plant stuff, even if it’s just a potted plant to keep on your desk. If you have more time, plant herbs (in pots or in soil), a small vegetable garden or even a fruit tree or two – it’s magical watching them grow!
  6. Spend time NOW with the people you love. There may not be a tomorrow for you or them.
  7. Actively create a ‘Life of the Mind’, an interior life, by reading, learning, and praying. You can learn new things every day.
  8. Observe things around you. Be aware or, in other words, become a ‘Noticer’.
  9. Share your ideas by writing them down, even if it’s just a blog like this one. Or a song list you’ve created.
  10. Bring beauty wherever you are and wherever you go: your smile, a kind thought, a flower. Make your surroundings lovely.

There you go! That wasn’t painful, was it? Nothing on the list has to cost a lot of time or money because they are little things you can do daily with just a few adjustments to your schedule. My hope is that you’ll never be bored again!


Karen J.