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The Final Solution

The Amazon Synod is just more proof (not that there’s not plenty out there) that Vatican II needs to be thrown into the ash heap of History.

Enjoy this video below of a 1980 episode of (Catholic) William Buckley’s Firing Line, featuring the Englishman and Catholic defender, Michael Davies, and a milquetoast Catholic priest (the self-described “parish spokesman”) from Syracuse, NY. Father Malachi Martin is moderator (not sure why someone thought a moderator would be needed in a conversation amongst three practicing Catholics).

Anyone who’s paid attention to the aftermath of the asteroid known as Vatican II won’t be surprised with anything in this round-table discussion. The pastor in the video is exceptionally condescending towards Mr. Davies. He makes (not surprisingly) all the tired, ridiculous, shell-game arguments defending the indefensible ‘pastoral but not dogmatic’ council and its subsequent denuding of the sacredness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

For nearly six decades we’ve been hearing virtually the same slight-of-hand explanations from the Modernists in the clergy. And today, this ‘Mother Earth’ farce going on in Rome is justifying the withholding of the Gospel from the poor, uncultured, insect-riddled pagans living in a massive jungle.

How much more can a Catholic take?

If you don’t like the Catholic Church, get out. It’s not mandatory to belong to Her, unless, of course, you hope to obtain eternal salvation. But, hey, you have free will, so do what you like.

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