Life. Pared Down.

For Folks with Everything Except Peace of Mind



(noun) 1. the art of thinking; 2. that which brings intense and lasting happiness



(noun) 1. a personal trainer for your brain 2. one who teaches you HOW to THINK, not WHAT to think

Thinking IS the Happy Drug.

It’s FREE,

Has no bad side effects,

Doesn’t cause weight gain, and

Is legal in all 50 states!

Thinkers are HAPPY people.


…Because they’re in control of their thoughts.

So, join our little posse of Thinkers.

Your life will never be the same.


Thinking… the Lost Art

Something to think about:

1 – We need time and space (space-time) in which to think; silence; freedom from machinery, etc. Do we set aside time each day for just thinking?

2 – What does is mean to think? Do we empty our minds and just see what pops in?

Stay tuned for my upcoming series called Great Thinkers.

Here are some entries to get you started:

I. Why Philosophy?  Dr. Peter Kreeft

II. Chesterton and the Long-Lost Art of Thinking by Catholic Wisdom

III. Words of Wisdom from Malcolm Muggeridge presented by Good Reads

IV. The Wisdom of Edmund Burke presented by Higher Revolution


Karen J.