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Thoughts about Thinking

Do you ever think about Thinking?

For example, is thinking important? Or, should I do my own thinking? Can I even think for myself, or is it easier to let others do my thinking for me? Are they thinking about things the way I would think about them? Do I set aside time each day for thinking? Do I enjoy thinking? Do I think that it’s good to think about things? What should I think about? Is there anywhere I can go that is quiet enough to let me think? How do I shut out the distractions to just think? (Just a few questions to get us thinking.)

It seems to me that thinking is regarded as a kind of a thing of the past – something those boring ancestors of ours did since they lived in such unexciting times and there was nothing else (besides work) to do. There were no televisions, radios, computers, social media sites, smart phones, movie theaters, playhouses, etc., which today get us thinking about what the respective purveyors want us to think about instead of what thoughts we might conjure up on our own.

I often think about the fact that there are so many worthy things to think about that anyone who thinks for the sheer joy of it cannot possibly ever suffer from boredom – a condition we endured as children and about which my siblings and I would complain to my mother (usually during summer vacation). “Go outside and THINK of something to do!” was the usual response. That pretty much solved the problem.

Once you grow up, however, how is it possible for anyone to ever be bored? There just aren’t enough hours in the day to read good books, maybe write a few lines and just think about all the wonderful things there are to think about.

Years ago I read something (not sure where I’m afraid) that said that heaven was like a gigantic library where little by little we learn about all the wonders of creation and everything that exists or existed. That to me sounds very exciting! Some folks want to begin their heaven on earth. Personally, I’d like to get started on this massive project, not in order to know everything there is to know, but to be able to at least think about the things that are worthy of thought.

What do you think?