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Top 10 Lists

For your convenience, I’ll publish my ‘Top 10 Lists’ heard on the morning show, Wake Up! (1380AM/690FM – www.catholiccommunityradio.org) in South Louisiana, Thursday mornings from 7-8am CST.

Top 10 things to do as a Family in 2016 to strengthen your faith:

  1. Take the entire family to Confession once/month (as often as you can).
  2. Start a family Rosary (after dinner or before bed times).
  3. Plan to get to Mass 10 minutes early & stay 5 minutes afterward to spend a few more minutes with Our Blessed Lord.
  4. Make Sundays special and eliminate unnecessary activities so you can focus on family and looking after your neighbor, sick relatives, etc.
  5. Encourage each member to develop a devotion to their patron saint – learn and share things about your saints with each other.
  6. Discuss the ‘last things’ (death, judgement, heaven, hell, purgatory, etc.) at the dinner table and pray for the poor souls in purgatory.
  7. Read together one paragraph/day from an edifying book such as the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina or Archbishop Fulton J Sheen’s Life of Christ.
  8. Set your phone alarms to 3pm (to repeat daily) to remind yourself to recite The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy.
  9. Plan to do one Holy Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament as a family.
  10. Take the whole family to the (March 5th) Louisiana Chesterton Conferencewww.ChestertonBR.com for more details

Top 10 Christmas gifts for friends & family to help further the Kingdom of God:

  1. Children – 4 Books of Advent: St. Nicholas, The 12 Days of Christmas, Papa Panov’s Special Day, The Christmas Storywww.memoriaprss.com
  2. Children – Nativity play set – $36.95 – www.catholiccompany.com
  3. Coffee Drinkers – Fresh Roasted Coffee and accessories –Heavenly Roast Coffee at www.heavenlyroastcoffee.com or Mystic Monk Coffee from the Carmelite monks of Wyoming – www.mysticmonkcoffee.com
  4. Everyone – something by or about G.K. Chesterton – coffee mug, beer stein, books, DVD’s www.chesterton.org
  5. Everyone else – (especially students, seminarians, etc) in South Louisiana – tickets to the 2nd Louisiana Chesterton Conferencewww.ChestertonBR.com
  6. Anyone need to develop prayer life? – Divine Office app – only $9.99 or free if you do it on your computer – www.DivineOffice.org
  7. Someone who is suffering? A Voice from Calvary, a book by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen – www.catholiccompany.com
  8. Contemplative Souls? My Confraternity – Library Box Set – Contains: My Daily Bread, My Daily Life, My Meditations on the Gospel, My Meditations on St. Paul, My Way of Life – available at Tan Books, www.Tanbooks.com.
  9. Everyone – Any gift from your local Catholic book store – support these good people and their apostolates while finding a myriad of gifts.
  10. Yourself – an hour in the presence of Our Lord in the Tabernacle.

Top 10 List to make this the best Advent ever…

  1. Celebrate the whole season – use your candles, your wreaths, your purple and rose-colored bows.
  2. Make your New Year’s resolutions during the liturgical New Year – Advent – get a head start especially on your spiritual resolutions.
  3. Put lights up inside and outside your home to proclaim that someone special (Our Lord) is indeed coming (and coming back!)
  4. Celebrate the 3rd Sunday in Advent, Gaudete (Rejoice!) Sunday with a party, get-together or something special.
  5. Take the whole family to confession (and then for ice-cream afterwards!)
  6. Read Frances Chesterton’s poem How far is it to Bethlehem? keep a copy posted on the refrigerator or where family and friends can see.
  7. Get your carolers ready ahead of time for singing to your friends and neighbors (sheet music and practice singing ahead of time) to go caroling Christmas Eve.
  8. Read Taylor Marshall’s (www.taylormarshall.com) free book God’s Birthday: Why Christ Was Born on Dec. 25th so you can refute all those naysayers who say otherwise.
  9. Send out religious Christmas cards with religious stamps.
  10. Be the first to say Merry Christmas to everyone because Christmas is for everyone!