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Coming up for air

It’s getting to be that time of the year when most of us slow it down a little in our careers, jobs, schooling, etc. Since almost everyone’s doing it (never an excuse but in this case, it is appropriate) it’s a great time for some reflective inventory or introspection.

So how are things going for you? I’m doing pretty well. You may not believe this (since we know so much about each other), but I used to suffer from inertia, not based on laziness, although others might have seen it that way. It was more of a feeling that became my reality. Those tiny little voices (they are smaller for petite people) in my head that said,

“Don’t bother, Karen, you’ll never be good at that, so why waste your time? Life isn’t so bad right now; so why complicate things? Have another piece of chocolate and drink some milk and while you’re at it; what’s on TV? … and … isn’t there some dust under the refrigerator and …”  You get the picture.

So, I just said, nicely, very sweetly, I said, “Oh yeah, chocolate piece of candy temptation. I’ll show you. After I am done eating this, I’m going to go after my dreams – so there.” So that is just what I did – candy and all. Well, I didn’t just talk to the chocolate; I went ahead and got myself a life coach.

Now, what if going after your dreams actually un-complicates things in your life? Did you ever consider that? How is that possible?

When I started doing the things I love, my priorities just seemed to line themselves up almost automatically. That extra energy I didn’t know I had, came from somewhere (you mean it wasn’t just the chocolate?) Once I figured that out, I thought, “Well, maybe there are other people out there, you know on the planet, so to speak, other people who, like me, like ….. chocolate and milk and TV and hate dust. Maybe some of these people would like to get more out of their day. Do you know anyone like that?

So, what is key for you? As you are swimming around the Internet looking for that one thing, take a breather, come up for some fresh air, and if you still haven’t found what you were looking for, stick around. I have always been good at finding stuff.