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My Morning Walk

The best reason to walk in the morning is that you can say “Good Morning” to as many people as you like. Nobody looks at you funny when you say, “Good Morning!” In fact, it makes a lot of people smile. I sometimes walk in the evening, but it’s always a bit awkward for me because I like to greet people. “Good evening” sounds a bit too much like Alfred Hitchcock, especially since I am tempted to say it the way he did.

This morning as I walked I was laughing because I had just observed a very aggressive blue jay give a piece of her bird brain to a squirrel who was attempting to threaten her progeny. Go Momma!

Whether it’s chasing squirrels or going after your dreams, you may be at that point where you feel you need a bit more structure or that push to get to the next level in your career, business or personal life. Know that you have come to the right place. When Dorothy started down the Yellow Brick Road in the iconic film The Wizard of Oz, she pointed her little ruby slipper on the very first brick.

You have already taken the first step! Welcome to my story. What’s yours? Let’s weave one together.



7 Replies

  1. Mary Spare

    I enjoyed reading The Morning Walk, it was very inspirational. I look forward to reading more of your gifted words.

    1. karekea12

      Thanks, Mary! I’m glad you find it inspirational! Share it with your friends! What did you think of the photos under “Mystory”?Just wondering if they speak to you.

  2. Joyce Burns

    Love the morning walk! Your garden is beautiful. I have always thought that flowers are one of many of God’s gifts to us – a reminder of simplicity, beauty and humility.

    1. karekea12

      Thank for your response. This is my first blog and I hope you will continue to view it. I will be improving it as I go.

  3. Jim Keating

    Karen–the Morning Walk is wonderful. What a great way to start each day and to reflect on things. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and inspirations–thank you so much for sharing.

    1. karekea12

      Thanks, Jim! I am glad you liked it and that you found it inspirational! Stay tuned for more…