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When more, faster, bigger, isn’t better…

You’ve probably heard by now that Amazon is planning to use ariel drones to deliver packages, thus forgoing the need to employ transportation via plane and/or truck.

But is this a good thing or a not so good thing?

You can probably see where this is going. I’m just wondering if it’s not the best direction albeit some say the inevitable direction, for which we should all be aiming. Besides the obvious disadvantages of using robots to do what people used to do, and at some point rendering them obsolete, there’s the air pollution created by these tiny, ariel robots destined to clutter our big, blue skies.

“It’s coming, like it or not,” my husband reminds me. I’m not liking this.

“Why should we have to look up and see all these machines destroying our view, not to mention all the jobs that will be endangered, including yours, by the way?” (My husband is a commercial pilot, at least until he’s replaced by a robot).

What we forget to ask ourselves is, “Do all these faster, better, more efficient technological advances make the regular man on the street (each of us) any HAPPIER?”

It obviously makes the shareholders of the companies behind all this stuff happier, but what about us end-users? I’m just not convinced that it does.

I’m not against technological advances, nor am I anti-business. In fact, I realize that towns with lots of small businesses are the best equipped to keep an area financially stable and withstand economic downturns much better than towns/cities/areas where one large corporation controls the entire region. That’s just common sense. You spread the risk across a wider swath so no one person or organization can take down the entire region.

But there is something deeper. And that is this. When technology actually adds more stress, cost, angst, or anything more negative to our lives or society as a whole, would it not be wise to avoid or resist it?

Few of us actually find our happiness here on earth, partly because we’re not supposed to (the fulfillment of all desires in in heaven with the Blessed Trinity), but also because we don’t know how to make ourselves happy.

Because it requires going against the grain or the “in” crowd, we forgo the very best in life for the more efficient or the latest idea or gadget. We build practical versus beautiful buildings. We watch movies in lieu of reading books because it’s easier. We listen to music from our playlist instead of playing or creating music ourselves because it’s convenient and requires NOTHING from us. As a result we become the BIG LOSERS. We become mentally flabby, lazy and unable to satiate our desires for more, bigger, better, or faster results.

I guess I’m just old fashioned, but even when things don’t go my way, I seem to be a happy camper. I pick up a book, write a story, draw some characters, play a tune or just take a walk for the heck of it. I know that no matter what I purchase at the nearby store, it won’t add to my happiness. Only sharing my faith or the great writers I encounter, or listening face-to-face to the nice lady who repairs my windshield makes me happy. But then again I live in fly over country, and we’re just a bunch of deplorable idiots. So what do I know?